Friday, October 21, 2011

Dark Banoffee Pie from Seattle's Best

Banoffee Pie
Dark Banoffee Pie - P125
Seattle's Best is one of those coffee shops I see everywhere but I never actually set foot in. Truth be told, I'm not really a regular customer of coffee shops. The only reason I go to Starbucks is for their banoffee pies. Anyway, earlier today, I was walking around with my friend and saw Seattle's Best, and wondered if they had anything that 'rivaled' the banoffee pie of Starbucks. Out of a whim, we went to the place, and there I discovered that they DO have a rival! Dark banoffee pie!

To be honest, the pie from Starbucks is still the best variation out there. However, Seattle's Best comes a close second. It's amazingly close to the one from Starbucks, except that the crust seems softer and sweeter, the toffee is creamier but less sweet, and... well, I guess the presentation is a bit different. It's also five pesos more costly than the Starbucks pie. Haha. The Chocolate sticks on top of the pie were delicious and fun to snack on. :)

Sorry that this turned out to be a comparison to the Starbucks pie, but I can't help it -- just look at it! It looks so much the same, and adding the word "dark" to the name doesn't make it much different. My friend and I were even wondering if it came from the same supplier. What's the "dark" for, anyway? Is it in reference to the chocolate used? I couldn't tell.

Banoffee Pie
The insides of the pie.
Iced coffee! Can't remember the name.
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1 comment:

  1. If don't know anything of what a real Banoffee pie is, you will love Starbucks. It's good but I wouldn't really call it Banoffee pie. What Starbucks is really selling is just a Banana pie.
    To prove it, deconstruct it, taste the layer, next to the graham, does it taste anything like dulce de leche/toffee or caramel??? it was just place to disguise itself but really it's fake, it has zero dulce de leche taste. Even the chocolate layer next ti it has zero chocolate taste.